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January 29, 2024

From Function to Innovation: The Journey of Garage Doors

These days, garage doors are a standard feature that most domestic properties have installed, but this wasn’t always the case.

While modern garage doors come in a whole host of designs and can even be operated with a tap of your phone, in years gone by they were something of a luxury with only a few lucky households having them. 

In this article, the team here at Tradedor will take a closer look at the journey garage doors have undertaken over the years, looking at how they’ve evolved and the different types available in the 21st century. 

The journey of garage doors

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the garage itself was established before garage doors were invented. 

While outbuildings and external structures have always been used to store vehicles and outdoor equipment, particularly in the agricultural sector, it wasn’t until 1912 that the term ‘garage’ entered the British vocabulary.

Deriving from the French word garer, which means to shelter or protect, the official introduction of the garage quickly saw properties across the country having them installed. 

But what about garage doors?

Let’s take a closer look at the journey of garage doors.


More than a century ago saw the most significant development in the evolution of garage doors. 

In the 1920s, the overhead, or up and over, garage door was invented. Made from panels that could be lifted up and easily stored parallel to the garage’s ceiling, these doors were operated manually but made accessing a garage space more convenient than ever before. 


The following decade saw the introduction of the electric garage door opener, perhaps the most significant garage door development to date.

Completely transforming the garage door industry, electric garage door openers were controlled by remote controls or a switch inside the garage. This negated the need for manual operation, making the whole process of moving in and out of the garage extremely easy.


As we entered the 1950s and 1960s, garage doors started to be manufactured using different materials such as steel, aluminium and fibreglass.

Prior to this, wood was the most common material used, and while it had its benefits, the introduction of these new garage door materials made the products more durable and weather-resistant.


Garage doors started to feature insulation in the 1970s. 

With energy costs beginning to rise during this decade, it became obvious that a heat-saving solution was needed. 

Insulated garage doors help to repel cold air and retain heat, making a property more comfortable and potentially even reducing utility bills.


By the time 2000 and the beginning of the 21st century arrived, garage doors had changed exponentially. Now, instead of just security, garage door designs focused on aesthetics and boosting kerb appeal. 

As well as this, they now almost universally come with additional safety features that prevent doors from closing on people or objects.


Nowadays, garage doors are usually tailored specifically to the needs of a property. One of the biggest developments in recent years has been the introduction of smart technology

Many garage doors can be connected to smart devices, like mobile phones, and opened at just the touch of a button, meaning people often do not even have to leave their vehicles.  

Modern garage doors for wholesalers 

Here at Tradedor, we supply a whole host of garage door products to trade customers across the country. The types of garage doors and shutters we provide include roller garage doors and branded garage doors, and we’re also one of just a few suppliers in the UK of Garador products.

One of the biggest garage door brands in the world, we stock Garador up and over and Garador sectional doors, providing you with quality products that can enhance the properties of your clients.

For more information on what we do, get in touch with Tradedor today. 

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