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July 15, 2021

Reasons to Buy British

Reasons to buy british



When it comes to buying anything, whether it’s a kitchen appliance or a garage door, there’s plenty of choice as to where you can buy it from. Buyers are often faced with a dilemma – do I choose a British-made product or do I opt for imported goods? With such a huge range of products available online, it can be difficult to know which is the right choice – in this article, Tradedor will make the case for buying British garage doors.


High-quality goods are made all over the world, but British manufacturing is held in the highest regard. In British manufacturing, there is an adherence to a range of quality standards, including ISO 9001. The majority of manufacturers strive to prove their quality, and so you can expect carefully-designed, long-lasting products. 

Environmental impact

When you buy goods from an overseas supplier, those goods need to be shipped over to the UK, and international shipping generates a large carbon footprint. If you buy your garage door from a British manufacturer, you are drastically reducing the shipping requirements, and therefore minimising your impact on the environment.

Economy investment

Buying British-made goods means that you’re investing your money back into the British economy. This investment can be put towards company growth through things like training and equipment – this will help to ensure even better products and services in the future. 

Shorter lead times

Goods made in Britain will have shorter lead times than overseas goods. International orders need to take shipping time into consideration, which can be weeks; this is less than ideal if you need a product quickly. These shorter lead times are also beneficial when it comes to refunds and exchanges – when sending a product back, it will arrive at the manufacturer quickly, which means a new product can be sent out sooner. Some companies may even collect the faulty item from you.

More effective communication

A number of things can affect communication when contacting an overseas supplier. Firstly, you’ll need to consider time differences; the supplier’s office hours are likely to be misaligned with UK hours, so there’s a smaller window of time for contacting them. Secondly, there’s also a potential language barrier, which can hamper communication and problem resolution. 

All in all, buying British goods from a reputable manufacturer means getting quality products in a quicker, more environmentally-friendly manner. With made-to-measure garage doors from Tradedor, you receive quality in abundance, delivered promptly in a sustainable manner. With a two-year warranty on all products and service from dedicated, knowledgeable professionals, you’re completely taken care of when you come to us.

For more information about our wide range of garage doors, or to discuss opening a trade account with us, please contact us today.

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