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December 13, 2023

Roller Garage Doors vs Sectional Garage Doors

When purchasing a garage door, there is a lot to take into consideration.

Customers are often thinking about security, style, functionality and more, so it’s important you’re able to provide them with leading garage door products that suit every need.

Roller garage doors and garage sectional doors are two of the most popular types of doors available, with thousands being installed at properties across the country each year.

Here at Tradedor, we provide our customers with leading products including garage roller doors and sectional doors. This means that you can rest assured that you’re able to stock the very best products for your clients.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of having roller garage doors or sectional garage doors installed, providing you with all the information so you can give your customers the highest level of service.   

Benefits of roller garage doors 

Roller garage doors are known for their innovative design and sleek operating system that sees them retract vertically and tuck themselves away into a neat box on the ceiling. 

TD77 SEL Roller Garage Doors - Tradedor

The team here at Tradedor are roller garage door specialists, and the benefits of our roller garage doors include:

  • Additional space 

Due to the way that roller garage doors operate, it provides your garage with extra space both on the ceiling and at the front of the property. By retracting directly upwards as opposed to kicking up and out, it means space is maximised and vehicles can be parked as close as possible to the door without having to worry about causing an obstruction.

  • Advanced durability 

Typically, roller doors are made from steel or aluminium. At Tradedor, we use premium-grade aluminium to manufacture our products as it ensures excellent durability and makes the doors extremely strong. This can offer greater protection to a property as the durable material makes the door hard to penetrate – keeping potential thieves or intruders at bay.

  • Insulated options 

In some cases, roller garage doors can be specially designed to enhance insulation. This means that a property will be kept warmer during the winter months and can even help to reduce energy bills. 

Benefits of sectional garage doors 

Sectional garage doors are one of the most popular types on the market, and operate with numerous horizontal panels that open vertically and see the door sit parallel to the ceiling which helps create space.

Trade Sectional Garage Doors - Tradedor

As official suppliers of Garador, one of the world’s biggest garage door manufacturers, the Tradedor team is able to supply our customers with quality Garador sectional garage doors. 

The benefits of this type of door include:

  • Easier to drive in and out

Sectional garage doors tend to be wider than other options, making it easier for you to drive in and out if you’re using your garage for vehicle storage. This is particularly beneficial if you have large vehicles like vans or bigger cars.

  • Saves space

Like roller garage doors, sectional doors are excellent at saving space. As they’re suspended from the ceiling it means additional space is available at the front and inside the garage.

  • Fully sealed 

All sides of sectional garage doors come with seals that offer great weather protection. This means that in a climate such as the UK where wind and rain are common, you won’t have to worry about weather damage to the door or the inside of the garage. 

At Tradedor, our expert team prides itself on providing a leading garage door supply service to clients across the country. No matter where you’re based, we can provide you with roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and more, which can enhance your clients’ domestic or commercial properties. To find out more or set up a trade account and receive great discounts, contact our expert team today.

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