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May 16, 2023

Up and Over Garage Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re a garage door supplier looking to add to your product range or boost your stock, you may be wondering what kind of garage doors to purchase.

With so many options available, knowing what type will be most suitable for your customers can be difficult. 

Grey garage door with car parked in front

Up and over garage doors are perhaps the most recognisable garage door types on the market. Here at Tradedor, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know about the product – so you can make an informed choice about offering it to your customers.

Read on to find out more.   

What is an up and over garage door?

Before we go any further, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of what an up and over garage door actually is. 

The most commonly installed type of garage door in the UK, up and over garage doors are made up of one panel that, when in operation, is lifted up and over the user’s head – hence the name. 

They’ll then either sit just below the garage ceiling (retractable options) or lift up to create a canopy in front of the door frame (canopy options). 

What materials are used for up and over garage doors?

Up and over garage doors are among the most versatile types of garage doors available. They can be manufactured using a range of materials, including steel, wood and GRP. 

At Tradedor, we stock up and over garage doors from leading manufacturers Garador, meaning you and your customers can make the most of the various designs, styles and high-quality materials they provide. 

Steel up and over garage doors are excellent for security due to their inherently strong nature. Alternatively, wood offers a stunning aesthetic and GRP options are relatively lightweight, which makes them very easy to operate. The best choice of material is the personal preference of the customer. 

The range of materials available means that consumers are able to select the most suitable option for them, making your business a more attractive proposition if you stock them.

What are the benefits of up and over garage doors?

As well as the excellent versatility in materials that up and over garage doors offer, there are also a number of other great benefits your customers can enjoy if they choose to have one installed.   

Aesthetics –  The one panel design makes the door look extremely stylish and neat at all times. Wooden options are particularly sophisticated, and the variety of materials available means they can be customised to the unique specifications of any property.

Low maintenance – This depends on the type of material used, but typically up and over garage doors require less maintenance than other options. You should advise your customers to lubricate springs regularly to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

Easy to operate Due to the simplicity of the design, up and over garage doors are among the easiest types to operate. Plus, they can sometimes come with automated options that can be opened and closed at just a touch of a button. 

How secure are up and over garage doors?

Security is likely to be one of the biggest concerns of your customers. With this in mind, you’re going to want to know how secure up and over garage doors are before you decide to stock them. 

The Garador up and over garage doors that the team here at Tradedor supplies are manufactured to the highest industry standards, undergo rigorous testing and are made from robust materials that offer excellent protection to every type of property. But if security is what your customer is after then there are a few of the ranges that are available with the addition of secure by design accreditation, please ask for more details of models and costs.

  • A small selection of Tradedor’s Garage Door Examples is below:

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Steal Design Range

If you’re looking to purchase up-and-over garage doors to help enhance the property of your customers, Tradedor is here to help. We can supply all of our trade customers with the very best up and over products, courtesy of our partnership with leading manufacturer Garador.

To find out more, or to set up a trade account to receive the very best deals and discounts, contact Tradedor today. 

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