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August 16, 2021

Why You Should Sell Roller Garage Doors

Suppliers of garage doors across the country stock a whole host of different options. With so many types of garage doors available, in a variety of styles and functions, it can be difficult to know what to sell. 

Roller garage doors provide a practical and efficient solution for residential premises, and always prove to be a popular choice among end-users. 

In this article, we’ll outline why you should sell roller garage doors to your clients.

More Garage Space

Undoubtedly the biggest benefit of roller garage doors is that they can help you maximise space available to your customer. Typically, garage doors will require additional space to fit in the mechanism that opens them, however this is not the case when it comes to roller garage doors, as the motor is built into the top box and doesn’t protrude any wider than the end of the guide runners. 

With the top box sitting neatly above the guide runners, the doors seamlessly retract up when they need to be opened – meaning your customers don’t have to worry about parking their vehicles away from the doors, or placing large objects in front of them as they’ll remain accessible. 

If your customer owns a small premises or runs a business where lots of unloading is required, roller garage doors are the ideal choice. 

Suitable for any garage size

With coverage ranging from 1,000mm upto 4,875mm, the bespoke guide runners means there is a greater coverage of garages available. As they have their own frame, there is no need for wooden frames to be fitted. This means less work and cost to you.

Provide more security

One of the biggest advantages of roller garage doors is that they can provide a great layer of security to all properties. Made from strong materials such as aluminium, these types of doors make it incredibly difficult for thieves to break in. 

Unlike other garage door types, roller garage doors have no clear weak points to target, meaning they’re always sought after by home owners, you can also offer your customers a Secure By Design option which is available on the TD77 range of doors, meaning greater peace of mind        

A quality look

As well as helping with security and being more efficient with space, roller garage doors can be great for aesthetics, too. Thanks to a variety of colours, available as standard, and also the special order RAL colour range that can be used – roller garage doors always make for a stylish addition to a residential property.

Great insulation

When it comes to garage doors, there’s nothing worse than them letting through draughts and cold chills – especially in the winter months. 

With roller garage doors, you don’t need to worry about this; the rubber seals along the bottom, double brush in the guide runners, and insulated slats all help to seal the gaps to prevent cold air from entering their garage.

Easy Installation

Probably the biggest selling point is the ease of installation and the installation time taken. Tradedor supplies easy to install doors made to your dimensions, meaning you can install the door in roughly two hours which equates to two-three doors a day – maximising your profit margins. 

At Tradedor we provide a comprehensive service, providing a whole host of products to our trade customers across the UK. As well as manufacturing and supplying roller garage doors, we can also handle the measurements, installation and fitting, giving you a complete end-to-end service. To find out more about how we can help you and to learn about our products, get in touch with the team today.      

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